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Why You Shouldn't Start Your Diet Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Monday - and if you're a serial dieter, you'll know that Mondays are a favourite day to start a diet. Somehow we have it in our heads that weekends are off. Weekends are a time to relax (and rightly so) - but what exactly does 'relax' mean when it comes to food? Does it mean eating unconsciously?...

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Why I'm not writing a blog today

I've just got home from an awesome first session with a new client. We ventured into the space where time stands still and everything is known. It's almost too subtle an energy to be able to express in words, so I won't even try. What I can describe is my own experience of openness, deep gratitude,...

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I am not a perfect eater

I am not a Perfect Eater I want you to know I don't have it all handled. My life isn't perfect, and I'm not a perfect eater. I don't expect that to change, unless of course I change my definition of perfection, which I do do repeatedly because I forget! I think it's just perfect that this has arisen...

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Why diets don't work: Disconnection

Think for a minute of all the diets you've been on. What's ONE thing they all have in common? Different diets may have restricted your consumption of different foods, perhaps replaced meals with a processed concoction, have varying amounts allowed, and even meal times at different times; some may allow...

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Why diets don't work: The brain

The role of the brain Usually my clients come to me because they're tired of the effort it takes to keep dieting - they're fed up with losing weight only to regain it - (often regaining to an even higher weight) over and over again. They cannot understand why they don't seem able to lose the weight...

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