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Looking for accountability?

I hear the desire for accountability quite a lot. In fact, it regularly comes up in support groups and Discovery Sessions. People often say that one of the reasons they sought out the group or me was because they wanted to be held accountable for what and how much they're eating and/or exercising. And...

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Watch Your Language!

The words that you use matter. What you tell yourself matters. How you decide to interpret things that happen in your life matters too. Your language affects your relationship with yourself (including your body), other people, life, food and the act of eating. It's important to watch your language! I...

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New Year detox, anyone?

I don't know about you, but my Facebook news feed it full of stuff about detoxes and New Year's Resolutions around restricting foods. I'm seeing it from paid ads as well as some of my contacts. You too? Some are giving up sugar, some alcohol, dairy and/or gluten... the list goes on. And I've received...

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Joyful eating over the holidays #5 — The Days After

Hello! I’m wondering how you’re doing today. If you celebrate Christmas, it’s  all over now, though New Year's Eve and New Year's Day  are just around the corner... I’m wondering how the holiday period has been for you so far? What have you experienced? What have you learned about yourself...

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Joyful eating over the holidays #4 — EAT!

So, Christmas is in a couple of days. How are you doing? I hope you’ve found some useful tips in my previous posts on eating with joy over the holidays. I’ve written about self care, preparation, dropping the food rules, and now I’m going to talk to you about eating! Here are some tips on...

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