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Joyful eating over the holidays #2 — Preparation

The second in the series of posts on joyful eating over the holidays is going to revolve around preparation. If you missed the first part, read it here. There are all sorts of ways to prepare that will be really helpful if you want to be sane with food – because, frankly, it’s rather an insane...

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Joyful eating over the holidays #1 — Setting the scene and self-care

Well, the 'festive season' is almost upon us! How are you feeling about it? If you're broadly Christian, Advent starts today. If you're Jewish, Hanukkah is around the corner. I believe there's a Buddhist holiday in December too. Whether or not you actually celebrate any of these holidays, if you live...

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When you're resisting a celebratory meal (like Thanksgiving)

If you're in the US and you're reading this, Thanksgiving will almost be upon you. If you're not in the US, perhaps you've got a special occasion to go to  - a wedding, a baptism, or a bris... or some other traditional/religious celebratory occasion - whatever it is, these events can be stressful. Over...

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How to get more coping per calorie

Do you have a goal to always eat mindfully, to only eat when you're physically hungry and stop the moment you've had enough nutritional input? Perhaps you believe that eating emotionally is a bad thing, that you shouldn't do it, and that you should work really hard to put food and eating into a compartment...

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If you think you need to go on a diet, think again!

The media is peppered with stories about the obesity crisis - in fact - it's often referred to as the obesity epidemic - as if it's a fast spreading virus! We're bombarded with statistics about it -  how many of us 'have' it (as if it were a disease we contracted), the higher risk of diseases that...

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