Dear Reader,

You’re reading this today most likely because you know that I write and teach about reconnecting with your body and yourself. This means that you’re probably not in a place of trust in your own body or for that matter, yourself. You’ve probably been on and off diets for a really long time. Perhaps you’ve even seen the light that pursuing weight loss feeds this mistrust of your body.

The bottom line is – you’re reading this because because you don’t feel at home in your own skin.

And I’m really really sorry about that, because

1. Body trust is your birth right

It should never have happened that trust in your body’s signals was interfered with.

It should never have happened that you learned the lie that your body was wrong or a problem to be solved.

It should never have happened that you went on (or were put on) your first diet.

It should never have happened that you learned that hunger was good because it meant you were burning fat (and that that was a desired outcome).

It should never have happened that you learned some foods should be avoided and feared.

It shouldn’t have happened.

You should have been allowed to get on with your life: learning from your experiences and growing: delighting in what your body could do; finding innocent and uncomplicated pleasure in eating.

So – I’m sorry. I’m sorry that your body trust was disrupted however and by whomever it happened for you.

And I’m sorry that you now need to spend time, attention, energy and perhaps money, on relearning how to trust your body.

2. There’s Big Shit going down that needs your attention!

You have a Big Juicy Life to live!

The world needs you. It really does. Being at war with yourself sucks your energy and distracts you from putting your energy into things that matter to you.

Just to be clear: I’m not saying that you SHOULD be out there saving the world… (even if you wanted to, you can’t:)).

I’m simply saying that the time, attention and energy that needs to go into healing your relationship with your body and food is time, attention and energy that you could otherwise have been investing in other things. And I’m really sorry about that.

The good news is that you CAN get back to fully living your Big Juice Life – in fact – making friends with your body and learning how to trust it again is a part of it!

3. You matter

Your feelings matter.

Your life matters.

Your well being matters.

What matters to you matters!

And so, I’m sorry that you’ve had your body trust messed around with; that you lost touch with yourself, your body’s cues and your needs.

It sucks that things that should be so straightforward haven’t been.

And it sucks that it happened to you without your informed consent.

I want you to know that you can be free of this. You can reconnect. You can stop fighting with your body and food.

Is it easy? Usually not.

Does it take time? Yes.

But the good news is that once you’ve let go of all the internalised messages that are keeping you from being connected with yourself, and once you’ve practised intentionally listening in for and then honouring your needs, you’ll have built skills that you can apply to all areas of your life.

And for that, I’m not sorry, because your whole life will be richer for it.

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