It can’t be denied that this year the holidays will be different. It’s hard to plan. We don’t know whether or how many of us will be able to gather for our end of year get togethers and celebrations. Perhaps some of the usual stresses and strains will be reduced or removed – though others will surely arise as a result of the changed circumstances.

Imagine if, in spite of the additional pressures, this holiday season you’re able to relate differently to food?

I want to invite you for a moment to step into your future self. I’m not talking about your 5-years-from-now future self. I mean your 2-months-from-now future self. Imagine it’s early 2021 and you’re looking back on the last few months.

Even though there’s been more uncertainty than you’ve experienced in your lifetime, you’re proud of how the holiday season has gone. You’re feeling incredibly grateful that this year was different – in a good way. Yes, you also had to deal with Covid and all its complications. No, it wasn’t perfect. There were still difficult moments.

But what was different was how you handled it!

  • You were able to take better care of yourself. You had more energy and felt less frazzled.
  • You were kinder to yourself and had fewer demands on yourself (to be perfect, to get it all right).
  • You ate what you wanted without guilt.
  • While there may have been times of eating past comfort, you didn’t react by hitting the fuckit switch and eating everything in sight. Nor did you react by restricting afterwards (which could easily lead to a binge later).
  • And you got past New Years without committing to a list of resolutions that involve dieting and exercising (for the purpose of weight loss).
  • You even got to relax (yes, even though there’s a pandemic).

You might be wondering how the heck this could be possible – because right now, you can’t even imagine the rosy picture I’ve painted for you. Let me guess…

  • You’re already frazzled
  • You have Covid-fatigue
  • You’re stressed about Christmas – potentially not being able to share it with family/ loved ones; or not having enough money for gifts or food
  • Your eating is so far out of control it doesn’t seem possible that you’d be able to eat peacefully in such trying times
  • Your body image is at an all time low, having endured months of lockdown

In truth, I can’t promise you that we can create the easy, peaceful holiday season I described above. We all have our own limitations and resources and there are external circumstances beyond our control.

But what I do believe is that your holiday season can be a lot happier, calmer and easier than it might overwise have been!

What if you could:

  • Make your self-care a priority (even with the demands of the pandemic… you’re not a machine!)
  • Know how to prepare yourself: physically, emotionally and spiritually (I would never tell you what to believe!) – so you plan for what you think might arise and you develop some skills to be able to support yourself
  • Let go of all the food rules, so an orange 🍊 is emotionally equal toΒ a chocolate orange 😎😲.
  • Eat what you want, without feeling guilty and without eating yourself to a standstill.

It would be a game-changer, right? And it’s something your future self will thank you for.

Yep, your future self will thank you for:

  • Investing in yourself (because YOU MATTER!)
  • Taking just a little bit of time for yourself to learn something new, to let go of things you can’t control (or even if you can, to let go anyway!) to get support and to relax.
  • All the following holiday seasons which will become easier and easier – because you will continue to learn from your missteps and course correct :).

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