I Help Women Heal Their Relationship with Food

Hi, I'm Vania. I've created a free guide for you, which outlines the exact steps to making peace with food, feeling relaxed about eating whatever you want (without guilt) and living a more empowered life.

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  • Why diets have never given you lasting results, and what to do so you never have to struggle with dieting again
  • The step-by-step Mind-Body-Spirit Roadmap to create long-lasting peace with your body and food

Who am I and why should you trust me?

If you don’t know anything about me yet, my name is Vania Phitidis, creator of Peaceful Eating. I’ve been coaching and mentoring people to become more of their authentic selves for over 25 years. More specifically, I’ve been helping people create food freedom and body liberation since 2012.

I have fully recovered from bulimia, binge eating disorder and decades of chronic dieting.

I have a B.A. in Psychology and an Msc. in Education for Sustainability with a focus on behaviour change. I'm a registered Intuitive Eating Counsellor, certified MB-EAT (Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training) teacher and a qualified Self Esteem mentor with the More to Life Programme. I'm a supporter of ASDAH (Association for Size Diversity And Health), The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) and have a Health At Every Size (HAES), weight inclusive and weight-neutral approach to my work.

“Working with Vania has helped me make the shift from black and white perfectionistic thinking that was keeping me stuck in the dieting mindset, to living a life where thoughts of what I should or should not be eating hardly ever enter my head.”

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