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How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think of You (or Your Body)

At the very nub of making peace with food and your body, is letting go of the pursuit of weight loss. Pursuing weight loss turns UP the volume of the noise in your head about what, when and how much you should eat and exercise, to achieve that goal. It leads you away from tuning in to your own body,...

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How Proactive & Reactive Responses Help You Make Peace With Food

Have you ever thought about how you respond to your eating behaviour? I'm thinking in particular whether you respond reactively (in other words, after the event) or proactively - in other words in advance, on purpose and with preparation. Both are needed, in my opinion. At first, reactive responses...

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Becoming Peaceful with Food & How Your Energy Matters

One of the most simple yet profound things my meditation teacher has ever said to me is this: 'Your energy is very precious. Don't just give it away.' It was probably so impactful to me because I'm such a 'busy' person. I am generous with the way I give out my energy :). My goal to make peace...

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Peace with Food and the Nature of Desire

'Peace comes not from fulfilling our wants, but from the moment dissatisfaction ends.' — Jack Kornfield Have you ever thought about the nature of DESIRE? How does it feel to want - to really want? I mean wanting in the way that it feels like you're grasping almost desperately for something; like...

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The Deliciousness of Curiosity in Becoming Peaceful with Food

I've been thinking a lot about mindfulness practice, and how beautifully gentle, compassionate and kind a practice it is. There's no pushing and striving with it. There's no shoving of oneself towards a goal. Yes, we have goals. We have aspirations. We have things we want to create. But the energy that's...

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