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The Deliciousness of Curiosity in Becoming Peaceful with Food

I've been thinking a lot about mindfulness practice, and how beautifully gentle, compassionate and kind a practice it is. There's no pushing and striving with it. There's no shoving of oneself towards a goal. Yes, we have goals. We have aspirations. We have things we want to create. But the energy that's...

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Building Emotional Resilience to Eat Like a 'Normal' Person

Everyone eats emotionally from time to time - it's part of the human experience. 'Normal eaters' will sometimes eat to distract from disappointment, hurt or fear and they will also overeat while celebrating. However what they don't do, is feel guilty about it, or consistently eat to resist their emotions. Building...

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Peaceful Eating and the Pursuit of Perpetual Summer

Summer in the northern hemisphere has drawn to a close. We've harvested our apples and grapes, and the leaves are changing colour and dropping. I've noticed how resistant I am (as are some of the people around me are) to the letting go of summer. We don't want to get out our winter clothing; ...

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You, Peace with Food and the Number 50

Oh my heaven, I'm going to be FIFTY in a few weeks! It's interesting to observe all the meanings that we can put onto age (or anything really!). We talk about 'looking young for her age,' or being 'well-preserved.' We have cultural demands around 'dressing for your age' - very short skirts or very...

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Comparisonitis: The Body Image Disease

It's very common for people with body image issues to compare themselves frequently to other people. Well, to compare their bodies to other people's bodies, I should say. Comparisonitis is a compulsion to compare oneself to others. It's as if you can't help it, and it has a life of its own. We...

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