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Can Mindful Eating Ever Be Automatic?

I get this question fairly regularly from clients. They've spent so long obsessing about food and their bodies, they're so tired of all that attention on what they are or aren't eating; exhausted from the litany their minds create around every morsel that passes their lips, that they just want peace from...

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Living Your Fullest Life, in This Body, Now

Someone in my Facebook Group posted a video based on this blog post, about a woman who made a decision to do what she wanted to do - to no longer allow body worries to stop her showing up in and for her life - especially with regard to her children. It reminded me about a conversation I had...

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Creating YOUR Guidelines For Living YOUR Happiest Life

Happy New Year! Amid the flurry of dieting messages, and 'New Year New You' makeover offers (ugh!) I wanted to offer you something a little counter-culture to start the year to help you FREE yourself from cultural/ familial expectation and create YOUR OWN version of an amazing life. One of the...

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Some Encouragement For The Holidays

Whatever you're doing over the holidays - whether you're with people, or not; whether the people you're with are an endless source of triggers for you, or - if being alone is difficult for you, particularly at this time of the year... Hear This You are loved You matter You are of value, simply because...

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How to Reduce Food Anxiety Over the Holidays

If you're worrying about how you'll manage yourself around food over the holidays, you're not alone! This time of year is very stressful for many people even for those who don't have the added complication of a dysfunctional relationship with food! It's a busy time, with a lot going on socially. It's...

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