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Identifying the Story That Is Creating Your Problematic Relationship with Food

Have you ever thought about how you identity yourself in terms of your relationship with food and eating? Put simply: If you strongly identify yourself as someone who: can't stop eating xyz once you start struggles with food is a binge eater, bulimic, anorexic, compulsive overeater,...

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Emotional Eating and the Sweet Spot of Discomfort

We eat to avoid discomfort. And then we feel great discomfort having eaten far too much: physical discomfort and psychological discomfort. So then we eat more to try to drown out the psychological discomfort, which adds to both the physical and psychological discomfort. And by the way, the issue...

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How to Go from Being Interested to Committed to Making Peace with Food

It's an interesting question - how do you become committed to something you say you want? This applies not only to the way you want to be in relationship with eating or your body - but anything at all. Barriers to commitment A number of barriers may arise and get in the way of your full commitment to...

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Exploring Your Reasons for Overeating

There are many reasons why people eat - apart from the one essential reason, which is to satisfy your physical need for nourishment, so you can live as healthy and robust a life as possible. Most 'normal' eaters eat for reasons other than physical hunger, but they don't do it all the time. I...

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Mindless Eating in the Gap

If you've ever been to London and used the underground, you may have heard a recording over the PA system, as the doors to the train open at the station: 'Mind... the gap.' The warning is to be careful, as the space between the platform and the train is quite big, and there's a chance you could misstep...

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