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Changing Your Eating Behaviour

Change is something I think about quite a lot - since I'm in the business of helping people to change. Our focus is on changing eating behaviour - but as clients quickly learn - it's not so much about the food, or the weight - it's about how you relate to yourself, to others and to life... we simply...

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3 Emotional Nutrients to Boost Your Eating Experience

Emotional nutrients??? We often think in terms of physical nutrients to boost our immune system or to boost our energy levels - but we rarely, if ever, think in terms of 'emotional nutrients' when it comes to eating. I define emotional nutrients to be emotions that boost your well-being. Here are...

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The Value of Non-Negotiables in Healing from Food Obsession

"Decide that there's a bottom line, that you have basic needs, and they are non-negotiable." — Geneen Roth Your Basic Needs Many people with problematic eating behaviours are using food to meet needs that have nothing to do with physical hunger. These needs may be physical, for example: feeling...

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Knowing Your Limits and Emotional Overeating

Do you overstep your limits? Perhaps the question to ask first is this: do you know what and where your limits are? This is something that has taken me a while to learn - and honestly, I'm still learning. I'm not sure that we can ever get this piece 'right' because knowing what and where your limits...

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Peaceful Eating and the Price of Perfection

Peace or Perfection? Your choice. If you want peace with food, and peace with your body, but you've spent a long time striving for the perfect body (whatever that happens to be according to current Beauty Standards), and the perfect diet (according to the latest book/ celebrity ), then at some point...

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