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Why does being on holiday mean we stop taking care of ourselves?

As we get more fully into the summer here in the UK, schools are breaking up, and people are preparing to go away, or making last minute plans to juggle work with child-care. The summer sales are on and there are swarms of people taking advantage! I know in the US and in many parts of Europe, schools...

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Do you try to distract yourself from binging/ overeating?

I've read a lot of blogs and articles on the internet lately about emotional eating and how to overcome it. I'm so pleased to see that there are many helpful resources available to people – I wish that had been the case when I was in the thick of my eating disorder. There is one strategy though that...

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Is there no place for 'wants'???

Hello again I did expect some strong feedback to my last post – 'Why wanting a thin body and just about anything else, doesn't help,' and I got it! The common thread running through most of the comments was asking: do I think all wants are 'wrong,' and isn't there a place for wanting things in our...

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Why Wanting a Particular Number on The Scale, or Just About Anything Doesn't Help

I'm curious about your reaction to this title. 'Wanting' is such a common way of expressing what we desire in our lives. From tiny tots we're asked 'what do you want to eat,' 'what do you want for your birthday?' We're taught from a young age, the language and experience of wanting something. The...

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What Does Discomfort Have to Do With Peaceful Eating?

As our world has changed, and technological advances have made our lives more physically comfortable – do you think we've become more intolerant as a society to discomfort? This thought occurred to me as I was supporting people in an eating disorders group, particularly around the concept of sitting...

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