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Do You Call Yourself a Food or Sugar Addict?

If you struggle with your relationship with food and your body, you've probably told yourself, or at least heard other struggling people say, that you (or they), are a food addict. Sugar addict is another popular label. I used to use both these terms to describe myself – for decades. I thought it was...

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Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves?

A theme that comes up repeatedly with my clients, is one I want to shed some light on.   It's about self-care, and it's no small topic . People who have a dysfunctional relationship with food, also tend to have a shaky relationship with themselves. We tend to put others' needs before our own....

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The Fight-Flight-Freeze Response And What To Do About It

Don't you find it fascinating when you have a plan, and then things don't go according to it? You could knock me over with a feather, each time – such is my surprise! You'd think that I was actually in control of things! That conversation, however is material for another post... Today is day...

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I Wish I Could Eat Whatever I Want, Without Getting Fat

Have you ever told yourself this? I know I have! I used to think that effortlessly thin people stuffed their faces all day long, like I did, but that they didn't get fat, like I did! What I didn't realise was that they do actually eat whatever they want when they're hungry. And they stop when they're...

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Lent and spiritual stagnation

I grew up in a very unreligious family. Born Greek Orthodox, our values were aligned to Christianity, but my father is an atheist, and my mother used to consult psychics, astrologers and numerologists. Church was reserved for weddings, Christenings and the occasional funeral. God was not a word we ever...

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