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Is Fat But Fit a Big Fat Myth?

Fat And Fit? On Wednesday, 17th May, an article was published in the UK media entitled: 'Fat but fit is a big fat myth.' Sigh. If there's one thing that pisses me off, it's misleading journalism. I understand the pull for catchy titles that make the reader want to click on the article (I do that...

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The Colonisation of Women's Bodies

"Most of us have been colonized; other people's ideas, desires and expectations have taken hold in our flesh. It takes some time and effort to reclaim our own terrain. " Camille Maurine, Meditation Secrets for Women Really? Our bodies have been colonised? Sounds like a pretty crazy idea, doesn't...

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Why Your Body Image Sucks

At some point in your life, you decided that your body was wrong in some way. You were not born with that idea. It was an idea that you internalised from outside of you and came to accept as true. You then probably set about doing whatever you could to remedy its 'wrongness', so that your body would...

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How Not to Be a Slave to Sugar

Are you one of those people who feels compelled to eat the whole thing? Once you start, does it seem impossible to stop? Have you ever thought about yourself as a sugar addict? And have you ever had the experience that when you've managed to cut out sugar for longer than a few days, the cravings...

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New Year, New You (NOT!)

Happy New Year! We have a cultural obsession with the New Year. It's used as an opportunity to reflect on what has passed, and what we want to create, acquire or let go of in the coming year. Truth be told, every day of the year brings such opportunities! However around the 1st of January, much of...

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