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How to Reduce Food Anxiety Over the Holidays

If you're worrying about how you'll manage yourself around food over the holidays, you're not alone! This time of year is very stressful for many people even for those who don't have the added complication of a dysfunctional relationship with food! It's a busy time, with a lot going on socially. It's...

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Why You Keep Binge Eating

This blog could just have one word, and that would be all you need to understand why you keep binge eating. The word is: Fatphobia Fatphobia is the internalised fear of being or becoming fat, no matter what your current size. This fear generates thoughts about how to lose weight (by dieting/detoxing/tracking...

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The Diet Culture Dictionary

As you educate yourself around the politics of body image and diet culture, you'll come across words that you might not have encountered before. Here's a handy glossary to introduce you to these new ideas. This is a work in progress. I will continue to add words and refine definitions. I invite you...

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You, Peace with Food and the Number 49

It's my 49th birthday next week and I'm entering my 50th year! I like cycles of 7. I like multiples of 7 and I love odd numbers. With my kids and husband twittering to each other about my birthday - asking veiled questions (including 'is it 49 or 50?'!!!) ... it's given me pause to reflect. And...

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What Diet Culture And Chinese Foot-Binding Have In Common

It may sound like a preposterous connection to make: Diet Culture and the ancient practice of Chinese foot-binding!? Really? Surely they are poles apart??? After all, Chinese foot binding involved small girls, under the age of 9, having the bones in their feet repeatedly broken and then tightly bound...

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