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Is Body Static Drowning Out Your Intuition?

One primary need we have as human beings, is a sense of belonging. Belonging to a family, group, tribe, culture, religion, nation, belief system etc. On a primal level, when we belong, our chances of survival massively increase - and not simply our survival as individuals - belonging protects the...

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How to deal with cravings - without white-knuckling

I remember in my deep dark dieting days, when I couldn't understand why the hell I couldn't keep my hands out of the cookie jar, I'd look desperately for a solution to my seemingly insatiable cravings. Know the story? I thought there had to be something wrong with me. I believed my body must...

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How to find your eating 'off-switch'

Why you can't find your off-switch I hear this a lot from people: 'I don't have an off-switch!' 'I don't know when to stop eating!' 'Once I start, I can't stop eating - it's like I have no off-switch!' or 'I've never had an off-switch' It breaks my heart to hear this. Having the experience...

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It's not about the weight!

Why you think it's about the weight You think it's about the weight, because you're carrying the evidence of it on your body and you spend a large part of your life thinking about it, trying to get rid of it, planning how you'll do so, and then attempting to execute your plan. Or perhaps you used to...

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Why keeping busy is NOT a solution to binge eating

I hang out with a lot of people in various forums, who struggle with binge eating. One of the most common recommendations that other 'sufferers' suggest is to 'get busy' and distract themselves until the urge to binge passes. It's not surprising that this tool is so highly recommended - it's a suggestion...

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