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I just want to eat like a normal person!

Do you ever have the thought 'I just want to eat like a normal person!'? I've had two conversations in two days about being a 'normal eater.'  One was in my Facebook Group with someone who said she was trying to eat like a normal person. I asked what that meant. She said 'normal meal-times;...

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Emotional Eating: one problem, one solution

I have some news for you about emotional eating: You don't eat because of the emotions themselves. You eat because of resistance towards feeling the emotions. It's not about the story connected with the emotion (the 'triggers'). It's not because someone said or did something you didn't like....

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What's hiding behind your self-sabotage?

A very common way to describe what happens when you do the opposite of what you say you want to do, is self-sabotage. I bet every single one of you reading this has said this to yourself at some point: 'Why am I sabotaging myself??? I want to change this more than anything!' And yet, you engage the very...

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Ideal weight, healthy weight, natural weight... Happy weight?

When I was growing up, there was many a Monday morning when I'd see a new sheet of paper on the bathroom wall above the scale, with a chart neatly drawn on it. The days were marked on the one axis. Weight on the other. There were 2 dots on the chart: one for current weight, and one for 'ideal' weight,...

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What are your points of vulnerability?

Something you might want to consider as you leave behind diets and the effort to control, and step into curiosity about your eating behaviours, is something I've come to call 'points of vulnerability.' What are 'points of vulnerability'? If you've been becoming curious for a while about how you eat,...

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