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How I stopped yearning for thinness

My one precious life used to be devoted to the pursuit of thinness. My time was very much taken up with researching the next diet, detox or 'lifestyle change,' aka 'diet and exercise plan.' Conversations at dinner parties, cocktail parties, and birthday parties were all about the food and whichever diet...

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What I've Learned About Body Image (and Intimacy)

I've learned a few things about my body image (and intimacy) in the years that I have been working on developing a peaceful relationship with food, eating and my body. My size has made no difference to my desirability. My size has made no difference to my enjoyment of intimacy. My thoughts...

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How to stop feeling shame around your eating

The only reason you feel shame around what you eat is because you're believing you're wrong for having eaten it. It's not that sugar is bad. It's not that bread is bad. Or pasta, or anything else the diet gurus will have you believe. Those foods are just foods. They are not good or bad. They are...

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There's No Way Out of Experiencing Pain

When people come to me for help, really what they want is a way out of pain. The pain of being heavier than they think they should be; the pain of being obsessed with food; the pain of 'fighting' urges; the pain of trying to change the shape of their bodies and the pain of hating themselves (which is...

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How to Never Again Slip Up with Your Eating

Do you ever tell yourself you 'slipped up' when you ate more than you think you should have? Well I'm here to deliver some really good news: I can show you a way to never slip up, ever again! It's actually very simple. Give yourself unconditional permission to eat whatever you want, whenever...

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