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yin and yangFood has one undeniable purpose: to nourish us physically – to provide all the nutrients we need to stay healthy and to flourish. And of course all cultures use food to celebrate, and there’s much joy to be had from that. But if you’re here reading this, then you probably know that you use food to meet other needs too.

I know for myself and the people I’ve worked with, that all eating and body image issues boil down to one thing. Disconnection. Disconnection from our bodies; disconnection from our emotions; disconnection from our needs, wants and dreams; disconnection from other people, and disconnection from that which is greater than ourselves – Life, reality, nature, love, God – call it what you will.

I will guide and support you to reconnect, so that you honour your body’s hunger and fullness signals, and start to meet your non-physical hungers in ways that actually satisfy them! We will do this through 1:1 sessions, coupled with tools and practices¬†that you experiment with between sessions. Using these tools will bring up your stuff – and this is the fertile ground we work with in our sessions.

I believe that sustainable change comes about through loving kindness and acceptance rather than resistance and force. Having someone alongside you who’s been where you are and has come out the other side is enormously valuable! I will champion your courage and be there for you when you find it hardest to be there for yourself.

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Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet, geography is not a barrier to working with me!  I use Zoom as an online meeting space, or meet with clients in person in Sussex, UK.

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