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If you want FREEDOM; freedom from the worry and shame that your out of control eating is bringing you; freedom to really eat what you want (and I do mean whatever you want), without having to ban certain foods from your kitchen; genuine self acceptance, so you move on in your life and create what your heart desires, then consider working with me.

The knock on effects of creating deep peace with your body and food are innumerable – because you’re creating deep peace with yourself – and you, my dear, are at the very centre of your precious life.

My programme will empower you with the skills and tools you need to transform your relationship with your body and food. The programme is actually your programme, not mine. This is because it is BESPOKE to YOU. I meet you where you are, and help you unpick what’s the in the way of you having the relationship you want with food, yourself and your body.

Depending on where you are and what we uncover, these are some of the things you may learn:

  • how to recognise your body’s hunger signals, and where your off switch is!
  • how to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied
  • how to make peace with food, so nothing’s good or bad, and you’re not being hounded by the Diet Police
  • how to interrupt the compulsive cycle
  • tools to make sense of why you eat when you’re not hungryPeaceful pomegranate
  • how to identify what you’re really hungry for, when it’s not physical nourishment
  • strategies to satisfy those other hungers
  • which foods feel nourishing to your particular body, so you can drop all the rules you’ve accumulated
  • how to stop being so mean to yourself, and cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance instead

In addition, I’m accessible via WhatsApp or email for between session support. I don’t have a rule about how many times you can access this support – but obviously, I do have other clients, a family etc, and my own needs to meet! My intention is to respond within the day.


I’ve packaged sessions for 2 reasons:

  • to support your commitment to yourself and to the process
  • to make admin easier for me!

The package is not intended to imply that our work will be complete after 18 sessions. This is a bespoke process and you may need more time. 

The packages are upfront payments (easy peasy through Paypal or bank transfer). If you want to pay monthly, see below.

18 session package over about 6 months – £1500. 

This is my most popular package – look, the truth is, your current relationship with your body and food didn’t happen over night. It will take time to create the relationship you want! Typically we meet once a week for around 60 minutes, for 12 weeks. Then we meet once every 2 weeks, for the next 12 weeks. This is adjustable of course, depending on your needs, commitments and progress.

Monthly payment

You can opt to pay 4 weeks in advance for your sessions at £120 per session (£480).

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