The dieting paradigm is usually one of a declaration of war on your body. It’s a fight – the ‘battle of the bulge,’ where you have to ‘be strong’ and not ‘give in’ to your hunger. You’re told to ‘fight the urge’  and ‘get into shape.’ There are numerous ‘bootcamps’ to ‘motivate’ you to get your act together ‘once and for all.’

The language inherent in the world of dieting is quite punishing and war-like, don’t you think?

But punishment and war really do not lead to sustainable change!

Kindness and compassion are much more likely to create lasting change.

We’re more likely to protect what we love, rather than what we hate or despise.

So, how about creating a peace treaty between you and your body? You don’t have to be in love with your body; you don’t even have to like it – but you can call a truce. You can stop fighting with it.

And then see what happens…

Here’s one I created – you can use it as is, or create your own!

What does peace with your body look like to you? What do you think you need to stop doing and/or start doing, to make peace with your body?

With love,