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Diets are like an abusive partner in a toxic relationship with your own body.

Like an abusive partner, diets restrict your freedom by attempting to control what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.

Like an abusive partner, diets gaslight you by making you believe that your weight regain and binge eating are your fault – that you’re weak, disgusting and have no willpower. But this is not true! There is overwhelming evidence that diets fail people. People do not fail at dieting.

Like an abusive partner, diets strip you of your joy – your joy of eating, your joy of moving your body and the joy of being in your body. Diets make you constantly fearful of your own appetite, desires and pleasure.

Like an abusive partner, diets isolate you from the people in your life: you eat different food, you say no to events because you don’t want to be tempted to break your diet, or because you feel ashamed that you’ve regained weight after the last diet. Like an abusive partner, diets convince you that certain people are a bad influence on you, so you disconnect from them.

Like an abusive partner, diets make false promises, seducing you into the belief that the next time will be different, the next time, you’ll feel amazing, loved and cherished. The next time won’t end up like the last time, where you regained the weight and felt ashamed for existing and believed you were worthless to your core.

So you fall for it again and again.

While there’s a chance that an abusive partner might change with the right treatment and support, there’s no chance ever that diets will not be abusive and corrode your relationship with your own body.

Like an abusive partner, diets prey on your vulnerabilities: your need for belonging and your yearning for acceptance and desirability. But while the abusive partner blames you for the outcome, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault that you fall for it again and again. It’s not your fault that you’ve believed diets’ false promises. And it’s not your fault that you have paid these costs.

We exist in a culture of rampant fatphobia that is justified and upheld by the medical establishment and the media and exploited by Big Business via the capitalist marketing machine.

And while all of this is true – you do have a choice.

You do not have to comply any longer with the abuser.

It does take time to disentangle yourself from this toxic relationship.

It requires unlearning all the false promises and deconditioning your mind about bodies, size, attractiveness and diversity.

It most certainly takes courage.

And it’s absolutely worth it.

Your freedom awaits.

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