How to Live a Life of Peace with Food: Online Course

How to Live a Life of Peace with Food

A 12-week online course that will support you to take action

Starts Thursday 20th February 2020

Price: £299

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I made this course for you

Thousands of people come to my website to read my blogs. Hundreds more participate in the free group I run on Facebook. I know there are many of you who, despite understanding the principles I talk about, haven’t made the progress you’d like to make. I wanted to do something for you. So I asked myself, how can I give more support to someone who isn’t ready for one-to-one coaching sessions?

The answer was to create this course.

Things will only shift for you when you take new actions

If you’ve done a lot of reading in this area I have to tell you that it’s possible you may not learn any new information in this course. There isn’t some magic piece of information I’ve been withholding from you that you’ll only get when you pay me. If only it was that simple! No, this course isn’t about having more knowledge. This course is about unravelling what gets in the way of you using that knowledge.

It’s about supporting you to take action in order to make progress.

How the course works

You will receive the first lesson on Thursday 20th February 2020.

An email with the week's lesson

I will send you a link to the weekly lesson.

Each week’s lesson is provided as text and as a downloadable audio file.

Lessons also include worksheets, exercises and/or meditations.

A support call to empower you

On Wednesdays (starting 26th February 2020) at 14:00 GMT there will be a live coaching call via Zoom for 60-90 minutes depending on group size*.

We will have a break in the Easter week (no call on the 15th April) and the last call is on the 20th May.

Go here to see this time in your timezone.

The coaching call is for you to get the support you need from me. This is where you get my direct and personal support to untangle the obstacles in the way of taking your next actions.

You don’t have to be on the call the entire time. You can join, get what you need and go, or stay to listen, be with others and learn from them.

*When a group reaches 15 members it will be closed and a new group opened, with a call at a different time.

An online community for sharing

The course features an easy-to-use, email-based community (via Over 12 weeks, you'll get to share with others, give and receive support... And of course, I will be there too.

Price: £299

Get £30 off - use coupon FOODPEACE (expires 7 Feb)

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Approx. $391 USD | €355 EUR

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to put weight loss on the back burner and focus on repairing your relationship with your body and food
  • You’re sick and tired of dieting and fighting with food and your body
  • You long for balance: you’re tired of living in the extremes with food
  • You just want to eat like a ‘normal’ person (whatever that is 🙂)
  • You’re willing to have an open mind about all the beliefs you have about weight and health
  • You want to accept your body and move on with things that deeply matter to you in your life

This is NOT for you if:

  • You said no to anything in the previous section
  • You have an unresolved trauma history (sexual, physical, emotional abuse at the hands of another person)
  • You have chronic health issues
  • You have an active restrictive and/or purging eating disorder

If you want to do the course and you fall into this second category, contact me, let’s discuss whether it’s a fit for you.

12 Week Course Outline

Week 1: Why are you here?

We imagine your life of food freedom - what it looks like, feels like and even tastes like! Think about anything you’ve wanted to create in your life - from getting a degree to baking a cake - you’ve had a picture of it. It gives you a sense of what’s needed. We also go deep into why you want this for yourself - because knowing this provides the fuel that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Week 2: Mindfulness

People often think that mindfulness is about relaxation. It isn’t (though that can be a lovely side-benefit). It’s about developing your awareness and attention. This week you learn why mindfulness is such a brilliant framework for this work, what you stand to gain from it and how to create a sustainable mindfulness practice. Then - we practice 😎.

Week 3: Letting go of weight loss as a goal

We explore your history of dieting and fear of letting go of pursuing weight loss. We take a look at some of the research so we can understand the reality of it. We explore how pursuing weight loss (or artificially maintaining it) gets in the way of you making peace with food and your body. Finally, we explore the benefits of letting go of this altogether.

Week 4: Befriending your body

We uncover why and how we internalise beauty messages from the culture, the ways in which we comply with them and the effect this may be having on us. We do some deep work exploring your relationship with your body; how you’re treating it now, how that impacts your relationship with it and what needs to change to make it a kinder, more compassionate one.

Week 5: Hunger, fullness and satisfaction

The keys to eating with attunement are this trio! We explore what these feel like and how to become more sensitive to these cues. We examine what gets in the way of our attunement (attunement disruptors) and we dig into your resistance towards feeling or not feeling hunger, fullness and satisfaction.

Week 6: Unconditional permission to eat

This is an extremely important piece to calming our bodies and minds right the way down! This is where liberation from diet culture truly begins! In this lesson you learn why it’s so key to peace with food; we unravel your resistance to it and then you take your first (maybe baby) steps into actually doing it in a way that feels safe for you 😘.

Week 7: Build emotional resilience

Imagine what life might be like when no feeling scares you; where you know that you have the capacity to tolerate any emotion. In this lesson, we explore why this matters and why so many of us struggle. Most importantly, you learn the skills to allow your feelings so you have other ways to manage your emotional life without resorting to using food by default.

Week 8: Urges and cravings

This lesson is all about what happens in the brain when you have an urge; you learn another way to think about urges and most importantly, you learn how to not react to them, so that you’re not living at the effect of urges, but instead, you’re choosing what, when and how much to eat on your own terms.

Week 9: Your programming

As much as we think we’re logical and rational, much of our behaviour is driven by our conditioning. In this lesson, you get to understand how and why this happens and what we can do about it. You also learn how to listen to your inner nurturer more of the time instead of that stuck record, your inner critic.

Week 10: Your needs

For many people who struggle with food, it’s become the trusty friend that can meet all your needs. You may have been doing this for so long, you don’t know any more what it is you really need (when you’re not hungry), how to understand that, or what to do instead. This lesson will help you begin this process.

Week 11: Moving your body

We all know that movement is an important aspect of well-being - for most people. But it’s become so tied up with diet culture that the joy has been sapped right out of it. We unravel this complexity and explore what it is you want for yourself, so you can take those first, or next steps into joyful movement.

Week 12: Self-care

Many say this isn’t a problem with food so much as it’s a problem with self-care. All of these lessons are about self-care! In this lesson, we look at what self-care is and isn’t, how we know whether something is self-caring, what gets in the way of consistent self-care and what we can do to make self-care a more sustainable practice.

If you’ve read all the books and blogs, listened to all the podcasts and nothing has changed, read this…

Remember when you were small? Before you were able to ride a bike, and you really wanted to ride a bike. You had all the information about how to ride a bike. You saw others doing it. You knew you needed to sit on the saddle. You knew you needed to place your hands on the handlebars and your feet on the pedals. And finally, you knew you needed to pedal. But none of that knowledge meant you were able to ride a bike. The only way you could ride a bike, was by getting on the bike and going for it. Sure, you didn’t get it first time. You had to learn to engage your vestibular system. You had to learn how to balance. But with a bit of practice and a bit of coaching from someone who already knew how to ride a bike, you got it.

I know how to ride this bike!

Price: £299

Get £30 off - use coupon FOODPEACE (expires 7 Feb)

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Approx. $391 USD | €355 EUR

Who am I and why should you trust me?

If you don’t know anything about me yet, my name is Vania Phitidis, creator of Peaceful Eating. I’ve been coaching and mentoring people to become more of their authentic selves for over 25 years. More specifically, I’ve been helping people create food freedom and body liberation since 2012.

I have fully recovered from bulimia, binge eating disorder and decades of chronic dieting.

I have a B.A. in Psychology and an Msc. in Education for Sustainability with a focus on behaviour change. I'm a registered Intuitive Eating Counsellor, certified MB-EAT (Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training) teacher and a qualified Self Esteem mentor with the More to Life Programme. I'm a member of ASDAH (Association for Size Diversity And Health), a professional member of The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) and have a Health At Every Size (HAES), weight inclusive and weight-neutral approach to my work.


“Thank you so much for this wonderful 12 week course Vania it has changed my relationship to food and to my life!”

“Vania is an undiscovered gem, with a magical combination of knowledge, intelligence, empathy and humour… The advice she has to give, and her way of joining the dots of what is going on for you, feels like being given the keys to the kingdom. ”

“Working with Vania has helped me make the shift from black and white perfectionistic thinking that was keeping me stuck in the dieting mindset, to living a life where thoughts of what I should or should not be eating hardly ever enter my head.”

“The main thing I learned was that I had to let go of weight loss, and I have accepted that. I also learned how to find out what my body needs, and to choose food and behaviours that will make it feel as good as possible. I learned how lucky I am to have a body that fits in with society's expectations, and how to challenge prejudice against bigger people.”

“I learnt that it’s not about the food and that I needed to go deeper into my own needs and not focus on other people’s all the time. In my life I have tended to answer my needs with food first rather than whatever it was I really needed. It might be a conversation with someone, it might be getting more sleep, or sitting with my feelings until they move on or deciding to choose focusing on something that is good about me instead of being self critical much of the time which had led to my self esteem being very low at first.”

“I learnt so many things! I think I knew the theory of most things, but it has been an amazing opportunity to go deeper in my understanding, and to connect it deeper with my own reality and to practise. Probably, the newest thing for me was all the learnings around emotions and the mindful way to look after them. I learnt a lot about that and gave me the courage to carry on finding ways to go deeper on that subject.”

“It was the best for me! Probably because I had studied most subjects by myself, but always on my own, so it was great to be coached to go deeper and further. I think, Vania, you are an amazingly talented coach, so clever and inspirational and kind in your questions and comments, that I feel really lucky. I enjoyed very much as well the inputs and thoughts from other participants in my calls.”

“I loved doing the worksheets - they helped clarify my thinking and asked me questions that I otherwise would never have asked myself. I always felt clearer by the end of the questionnaires and I will look over them again soon and use them ongoing.”

“I really appreciated you guidance and kindness on the calls. The fact that you always come from a place in yourself of total acceptance of big people meant I felt I could relax and be heard and witnessed. I was struck by how much you know and how much you are that person through and through so all your materials and answers don't feel like theory and you feel so genuine. You understand and live in this peaceful eating space so much and I never felt that really I should just go on a diet in fact your message was all the way through that diets are not the answer!!”

“I think that you are a very talented coach, with all the qualities of the heart and the mind needed to accompany us in such difficult matters. I felt welcomed, safe, respected, encouraged, never judged and even loved, as we should love every human being. Your questions and insights always help me to go a step further and gain courage to carry on. So I feel very lucky I came across your website a while ago and that it was possible for me to enroll in the course. So I thank you for all the love you put into your practice, and the time and effort that you made over the years to develop and grow and then offer your wisdom and support to people like me. Thank you, Vania.”

“Vania has helped me do something I never thought possible – let go of a lifetime of body angst and find peace with myself, at whatever size… I can’t recommend Vania enough – the work we have done has changed my life, no exaggeration.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions and concerns that have come up since I launched the course...

I’m not sure if this is suitable for me:

If you have a trauma background or an active eating disorder and you want to do the course, please email me - we can have a chat about it. My first priority is to make sure you get the support you need, and other participants’ needs are also met. If you have any other worries about your suitability, please ask.

I'm anxious about speaking on a call with other people:

This is one reason why I'm keeping the call groups to a maximum of 15. I don't anticipate everyone to come to every call. Even if everyone does come to every call, they may not all be there all the time. The way the calls will work is that you show up any time on Thursdays between 16:30 and 17:30 (BST). This time slot is for the 2nd group of participants, as the 1st group of 15 is now full. People will be coached in the order in which they arrived. People will have the option to leave the call any time – some people have kids to collect, or need to get back to work etc.

You can also show up to the coaching call and prefer not to be coached. You have the option to only listen to others. You might find after a week or two that you feel more comfortable to speak, especially as you realise you’re not alone in this.

I don't want to be seen on the calls!

That's fine! Zoom has a function to turn off video. No pressure 😉

Can I pay in instalments?

No, not this time around. You can use your credit card and pay that back in instalments.

I don't use Facebook...

I wish there were another platform that has similar functionality! If you know of one please let me know. The thing about Facebook is that many people have an account and go there anyway, so having a group on FB works well for the majority of people. A possible work around is to open an account in an alias – and you only use Facebook for the period of the course using that alias. If you definitely don't want to use Facebook, make sure to show up to the coaching calls because that will be the only place of contact with me and others on the course. What will happen in the Facebook group is mostly sharing what you're learning on the course and to ask for and offer support.

I don't want my friends on Facebook to know I'm doing this course...

The group is a closed one. This means that the only people who can see what you share are the members of the group. Only if you have any personal friends on the course will they be able to see what you share.

What if I'm at work during the coaching calls?

As long as you're able to be in a private space, that's fine. If your lunch time can be flexible, that could work. There is a way to dial into the Zoom call if you're out of wifi range so you don't have to use your data. The coaching calls will also be recorded so you can listen later, even if you're not able to join the call.

Questions or queries?

If you still have questions about any of this, please send me an email.

So, having read all the way to here (well done!), are you ready to take action?

The next small step towards making progress is hitting this button!

Come join us!

Price: £299

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