The only reason you feel shame around what you eat is that you’re believing you’re wrong for having eaten it.

It’s not that sugar is bad. It’s not that bread is bad. Or pasta, or anything else the diet gurus will have you believe.

Those foods are just foods. They are not good or bad. They are not the wrong foods to eat.

However, when you believe that they are, you will feel shame about eating them, because you will believe that you are wrong, or bad.

And then… you’ll beat yourself up.

You’ll call yourself names.

You’ll vow to be good, tomorrow… and the next day… and forever after.

This will set up the rebel in you, who will then devour your entire pantry. In 10 minutes.

Shame fuels dysfunction with food.

Restriction fuels dysfunction with food.

Giving food moral labels fuels dysfunction with food.

If you stop restricting and stop labelling, you will free yourself from shame around your eating and you’ll come a looooonnnnnggggg way towards making peace with food!

Try this:

  • Let yourself eat what you want, when you want it. I know this sounds scary – and if it’s too scary to do unguided, I can help.
  • Stop counting calories and grams of anything; stop using portion pots.
  • Delete all apps that count anything to do with food.
  • When you have counting-type or restricting-type thoughts, notice them and gently redirect your attention to one or more of the thoughts below.

Practise these thoughts intentionally, every day:

  • I give myself unconditional permission to eat whatever I want
  • There are no good and bad foods
  • All foods are morally neutral
  • My value as a human being has nothing to do with what goes into my mouth
  • I can trust my body to give me feedback

Be kind to yourself. This shame is not yours. Eating is not wrong. EVER. There is no food and no amount of food eaten that is ever deserving of feeling shame. It’s all learned from the culture and you can unlearn it.

With love,