Hello! I’m wondering how you’re doing today.

I’m wondering how the holiday period has been for you? What have you experienced?
What have you learned about yourself and your relationship with food and eating?
Have you been kind to yourself?
Have you been meeting your needs for rest and solitude?

I’d like to encourage you today, to take just 20 minutes, to reflect.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself (preferably in your journal):

  • What self care strategies did I use?
  • What was helpful?
  • What wasn’t helpful? Why wasn’t it helpful?
  • Did I give myself unconditional permission to eat whatever I wanted? If not, what happened, what were the consequences, what can I learn from this?
  • Did I generally honour my hunger and fullness?
  • Did I also give myself permission to overeat?

Whatever your answers, whether you binged from morning till night, or honoured your hunger and fullness, or did some of both, please, please, please – be kind to yourself!

Learn what you can from your experience, put it to good use, and then move on.

‘Tis the season for kindness and forgiveness. Will you be first in the queue for some of your own love and attention?

This brings to mind something one of my clients said about kindness: ‘I’ve been so much kinder to myself. And I’ve really liked myself so much more!’ I asked her,  ‘Which came first? Liking yourself more, or being kinder to yourself?’ She didn’t miss a beat: ‘Being kinder to myself! Definitely!’

But what we typically do is think we have to do more, be more, or be different, in order to like ourselves – and only then, when we’ve achieved the ‘more,’ we give ourselves permission to be kind to ourselves. But do we ever actually meet the conditions we’ve set? When will it ever be enough?

Being kind to yourself, without conditions, will result in a happier life! You’ll feel more relaxed, be more resilient and punish yourself less… which will revolutionise your relationship with yourself and food.

So, will be kind to yourself? If not, why not? Will you let me know?

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Need help making peace with food?