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These are four of my most viewed blog posts – the ones that are shared again and again in online forums. These blogs address eating disorders, chronic dieting and poor body image.

The One Reason for Overeating (It’s Not About Food)

How I Stopped Yearning for Thinness

If You’re Going to Binge, Try This

How to Make Peace With ‘Trigger Foods’


Vania is an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, an MB-EAT teacher (Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training) and a qualified Self-Esteem Mentor (More to Life Programme). She also has an Msc in Education for Sustainability (London South Bank) and a BA in Psychology and Art History (Wits).

Her most useful qualification in doing the work she does, is in having resolved her body image issues and eating disorders, through letting go of five things: unrealistic expectations of herself; dieting; restricting particular foods; trying to get and stay skinny, and attempting to be perfect.

Instead, she has decided to focus her attention on being her best most powerful self, and helping others enhance the quality of their own (probably one) life.

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