Happy New Year!

We have a cultural obsession with the New Year. It’s used as an opportunity to reflect on what has passed, and what we want to create, acquire or let go of in the coming year. Truth be told, every day of the year brings such opportunities! However around the 1st of January, much of the westernised world is focused on new goals, new ways of being and new intentions.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of that.

However it has given rise to businesses marketing like crazy to sell you stuff you don’t need – and in fact – stuff that will very often have you back as a repeat customer next year. It’s a perfect (if not cynical) business model.

We’re peddled:

  • Detoxes to ‘correct the wrongs of the holiday season’
  • Diets to ‘fight the holiday flab’
  • Exercise regimes to ‘get you back in shape’ (ugh – you’re already in a shape!!!)
  • Anti-ageing lotions and potions, promising a New Year, New You
  • Gym memberships at reduced rates, to make this year the year that you finally get fit

Then there’s both personal & peer pressure…

Don’t you find people ask about your New Year’s Resolutions?

What will you give up? Smoking? Chocolate? Biting your nails? Alcohol?

What promises do you make to yourself? That you’ll get to the gym every morning before work? That you’ll eat ‘healthily’? Read 5 words from the dictionary a day to improve your vocabulary? That you’ll finally crack the code to permanent weight loss?

New Year’s Resolutions are all too often filled with hidden shoulds and have tos. They’re sneaky ways to reaffirm our worth, our value, our justification for taking up space on this earth.

IF I crack the code to weight loss, THEN I’ll at last be able to take up my space amongst women/ the human race.

IF I stick to my workout routine (and create the body I think I should have/ that is approved of/ coveted by society), THEN I’ll be a success.

The ‘New YOU’

The bald truth is that there is no need for a ‘new you!’

You’re enough.

You’re loveable, worthy and valuable right now.

Nothing you do or don’t do will change that.


These are givens.

If there’s anything at all needed, it’s simply this: to remember that this is true.

By all means – have goals!

Set intentions.

Get clear on your motivations for wanting to create anything different in your life.

If it’s to prove anything, I recommend you drop it like a dangerously hot potato!

Otherwise, it will only cause stress and disappointment.

Having said all of that, I do have one main goal for 2024 and beyond

To let go of anything that robs me of my sense of peace.

If life has taught me anything, it’s about letting go of the illusion of certainty. Holding onto that desire robs me of my peace.

So do expectations – whether those are expectations of myself, others, or of life itself (these are all the shoulds).

Demands of myself (these are all the ‘have-tos’), demands of others or life cause me stress – which is the exact opposite of peace.





My attachment to any of these shreds my sense of peace into tiny pieces.

You know what’s cool?

All I need to restore my sense of peace is my fabulous and miraculous body.

It tells me everything I need to know about my experience of peace. It guides me about what’s needed to restore it.

May we let go of the impediments to peace

Happy New Year ❤️