“Life. Unrestricted.” Podcast – Episode 008

I was recently interviewed by Meret Boxler on the “Life. Unrestricted.” Podcast.

We had a great conversation where, for a change, I got to talk about me 🙂 — you can hear all the gorey details about my struggles with bulimia, yo-yo dieting and binge eating and how I found my way out of them.

We talk about why diets don’t work, body image, the relationship between health and weight, unconditional permission to eat, developing trust between your body and mind … and then we get into the nitty gritty about the beliefs we hold about ourselves (Meret calls it her Gremlin) and how mindfulness can help. Meret courageously offers up her own Gremlin for examination!

We’re both deliciously vulnerable in this podcast: imperfect women on a mission to help others break free from beliefs about how we must be to be acceptable.

Listen to the interview below – and please do sign up to the podcast to hear more insightful, helpful interviews. Leaving a review on iTunes helps others find it!

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