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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 40

Fri 26th Mar 2021

🍩 Do people have different sensitivities and responses to hunger?
🍩 What do you do if you’re full enough but you’re still enjoying the food?
🍩 Is it safe to diet once you’ve made peace with food?
🍩 What can we do about the urge to buy sweet things?

I answered these questions in this Q&A video.

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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 39

Fri 26th Feb 2021

In this special episode of my weekly Q&A, I answered questions posed by participants in my free eventΒ From Dieting Rollercoaster to Peaceful Eating.

Themes covered include:

* the connection between weight and health
* restricting foods for health reasons
* body image concerns
* eating out with friends
* 12-step programmes
* whether or not to weigh yourself
* how to respond to people who comment on your eating/ body

and more…

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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 38

Thu 18th Feb 2021

In this Q&A video, I answered questions about:

πŸ“ Whether weight set point lowers once you’re eating intuitively
πŸ“ Why distracting yourself from eating the foods you want to eat doesn’t work
πŸ“ How to think differently about your belly (or any other body part you struggle with)
πŸ“ Whether it’s ok to pursue weight loss if it’s affecting your mobility
πŸ“ My response on intuitive eating not being for everyone

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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 37

Fri 12th Feb 2021

In this episode I answer questions about:
πŸ€” whether being at the high end of the weight spectrum with type 2 diabetes means you should actually lose weight for your health
πŸ˜‡ how to make peace with your bigger body
🍩 how to stop sneak eating
😘 and whether it matters what the reason for bingeing is: emotions or a result of mental restriction
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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 36

Fri 5th Feb 2021

This week I answer questions about:

  • Carbs and being pre-diabetic.
  • How to best help patients in a healthcare setting (when they say they’re dieting/ trying to lose weight).
  • Whether addiction to carbs and sugar is real.
  • And what to do when you’re getting older, still want to lose weight, think you’re addicted to sugar and REALLY want to make peace with your body.
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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 35

Fri 29th Jan 2021

πŸ’œΒ Is it true that some people just can’t take to Intuitive Eating?

πŸ’œΒ How do you honour your fullness without triggering diet mentality?

πŸ’œΒ How to eat for pleasure when you have food allergiesΒ Β 

πŸ’œΒ How to navigate social eating when in recovery from an eating disorder

I answered these questions in this Q&A video.

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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 34

Fri 22nd Jan 2021

In the Q&A this week, I answer questions about:

πŸ’— How to know if you’re over-exercising
πŸ’— How to start making peace with your appearance
πŸ’— How to let go of weight loss and own your self-worth independently of anything else

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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 33

Tue 22nd Dec 2020

Find out the answers to these questions in this week’s Q&A

  • How do you make peace with wasting food?
  • What does eating with attunement mean?
  • How can you think differently about weight gain over the holidays?
  • What to talk to your dietitian about if you’re no longer dieting.
  • Is eating breakfast important?
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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 32

Thu 17th Dec 2020

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do you eat sweet foods without being compulsive about it?
  • What should you do if you have a food rule about sugar?
  • How do you know if you’re eating too much of something?
  • What to do about the food rule ‘don’t eat fast’?
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Peaceful Eating Q&A: Episode 31

Thu 10th Dec 2020

  • What to do when you’re eating ice cream mindlessly every night
  • How to prepare responses to family members who bring up difficult memories over the holidays
  • What I mean when I suggest you ‘let go of attachment to the outcome.’

These questions and one more were answered this week!

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