When I came to Vania my bingeing was out of control.  I knew dieting wasn’t the answer but I couldn’t find a balance between all or nothing. I felt like I had tried everything and this was kind of a ‘last ditch attempt’. I’d read an article in the Huffington Post on her work and I looked at the website. It seemed like a big investment but I reckoned that I’d wasted enough money on slimming clubs, self-help books and bars of chocolate  – this was money to do something proactive and positive, just for me. By the end of our first taster session I came away already feeling calmer. Vania shows no judgement, even over your most destructive thoughts and habits. Her kind, spiritual approach allowed me the chance to heal.  I started to understand myself and my motivations in a deeper and more loving way, knowing that I was only a week away from another session. Along the way there has been laughter, companionship and a lot of tears but slowly, bit by tiny bit, food has lost its hold over me. Of course there are still times when the old thought patterns return but I have ways of returning to my centre and being kinder to myself. If you can, if you are prepared to really commit, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Vania’s method.

Fiona P

Bit by tiny bit, food has lost its hold over me

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