When I reached out to Vania for a Discovery Session I was binging regularly and consumed with thoughts about food – what and when was I going to eat, it was my joy and has been for many years. I tried every diet, read books, etc on how to lose weight and spent thousands on therapy to stop eating. I tried practicing mindful eating and was about to give up as it wasn’t working. I decided I will just be fat the rest of my life. The blame voice was constantly around. And then I found the Peaceful Eating website and after going back and forth to it several times and reading all the information there I sent an email to book a free one hour session. Afterwards I felt a strong connection to Vania as someone who can relate to my eating struggles. Each week we talk by phone and sometimes I have very manageable homework to fill out about different aspects of my relationship with food and my feelings. She also often sends meditations that help me connect to my body. They build on one another and at some point I truly got it that my body needs me. I never really understood or felt that way, my emotions and my inner voice ruled. Because I have made that connection, I now care about what I put in my body and how I take care of it. I am so much more aware of all that is around me and the feelings of hopelessness and blame have diminished. Vania believes this is a “practice” and this makes so much sense to me. I am practising mindful eating and it is working, I now nourish my body with food that sustains me and gives me joy and I no longer binge eat. The realization that I needed help to change was when the turnaround began. I couldn’t ask for a better coach than Vania, she is caring, compassionate and best of all I feel safe sharing all my feelings with her.