Vania has helped me do something I never thought possible – let go of a lifetime of body angst and find peace with myself, at whatever size. But not only that – she has helped me ease up on my judgements in other areas of my life too, see falsehoods in my thinking I have held onto for years without really knowing. Vania once commented that once you “see” something for what it really is, you can’t “unsee” it, and this is so true – even on the days when my head tries to persuade me back into dieting and body-bashing, I know that all of that makes no sense, in my heart, and I can let it go, peacefully, with joy, and carry on living in a way that really matters to me. I can’t recommend Vania enough – the work we have done has changed my life, no exaggeration.

Anna Stout

With love,