Before I met Vania I’d had a lifetime of eating emotionally, yo-yo dieting, always being conscious of food around me and how other people were eating and what they were eating; body conscious, and of comfort eating.  Vania has helped me enormously become “peaceful” around food and I feel really proud of the steps I’ve taken and the journey I’ve gone on and am continuing on. Vania has a lovely warm style, but is firm, she picks you up on things, and makes you question yourself, when appropriate, but always done in a nice way, coming from contribution and love.  She helps you see the issues from a completely different perspective using tools that are simple to understand and comprehend.  I haven’t weighed myself for months – and I’m very comfy with that!  I’ve stopped comparing myself with other people and I’ve started to enjoy the social functions for what they are, rather than being completely focused on the food on my plate!  If anyone has been struggling with food for years, I would urge you to contact Vania – she helps you see that it’s not the food that’s the issue, but the emotion behind it, and it’s THAT you deal with and so you then become PEACEFUL with food.  Thank you SO much for helping me Vania – it has been a privilege and a pleasure knowing and working with you.  Much love. Xxx