My life changed when I began working with Vania a year and a half ago.

I am 67 years old. I have been working on my eating issues and size acceptance issues for most of my adult life. I have done dieting of every shape and color, lots of therapy, many workshops with people whose books I am sure that you have read, Overeaters Anonymous, Smart Recovery, given up, etc. etc.

Although I had heard of Binge Eating Disorder, I had never really identified with it until I did a little more research and it finally fit. I did some more therapy with a binge eating disorder therapist and found some Binge Eating Disorder Facebook groups.

There I found this beautiful “voice” that kept popping up in posts. Posts that sounded incredibly authentic, understanding and connected to a type of psychology that I had studied. This was Vania.

I set up an “exploratory conversation” with Vania. After we talked, I felt an incredible relief. Together, we began talking every week, “unpacking the spaces” between what I already had learned/knew and what I had not healed, did not understand and needed support and guidance around.

I did not need more information. I could have written many books on eating issues! I needed a non-judgmental person who could help me explore myself and feel safe doing that.

A step at a time. Two steps forward and one step back.

But when I stepped back, Vania’s arms of love and support were always there, asking, listening, suggesting a way if I wanted it. She is an amazing being and amazingly gifted. The magic began to happen.

Little baby steps, little awarenesses, allowing, more allowing, more trust in me and in my body. This process did not happen in my head. It happened in my heart, thoughts and core being.

So here I am – the same size. I may or may not ever have that change for me. I’m accepting of that.

I eat when I am hungry. I eat wonderful, nourishing food and sometimes not so nourishing food. When I do the latter, I can feel it in my body…no shame, just learning. My husband has just been diagnosed with lymphoma – and I’m not eating to numb my feelings! It’s always my choice – to be aware or not.

But, I have the choice. It is totally mine now. I choose to feel good naturally most of the time. I am happy, peaceful and do not need to look for answers any further.

Vania is a gift. Please work with her. You will never, ever be sorry.

Arlene Brennan

With love,