When I first contacted Vania, I was lost. Overwhelmed by self-doubt and stuck in an intense binge-restrict cycle, I felt like I had nowhere to turn and no-one to talk to. It was an isolating experience.

I’d read about intuitive eating before and as a pro-active feminist I knew vaguely that diet culture was an oppressive tool of patriarchal capitalism. But knowing or reading about these things had never really translated into change in relation to food or my body.

Working with Vania has been life-changing. And I know that sounds hyperbolic but there is really no other way to describe the night and day comparison between my life now and before we started working together. I found her support invaluable as she guided me through the steps towards eating intuitively, rejecting diet culture and recognising the ways in which my own behaviours may contribute to fatphobia and discrimination based on the size of our bodies.

I’m not saying this is an easy journey and I’m definitely still working on it but I have more days were I feel wonderful about myself than not. After almost a year, I’m still having “a-ha” moments about my eating behaviours and how they’ve served me in the past and are still serving me in the present. As these moments come up I’ve now got the tools and resources to approach them with openness and compassion, which is valuable beyond measure.

As a coach, Vania is kind and understanding. She manages to be non-judgemental whilst still holding you to account to challenge the learned biases that underlie some of our most disordered thinking. I appreciate her dedication and activism, as I’m sure do thousands of other people in the Peaceful Eating Facebook group and beyond.

Brittany, aged 26