I have had body image issues and have been dieting for over 20 years. I was utterly unhappy, ashamed of myself, had no self esteem and I ended up in a destructive cycle of starving, bingeing and purging.

My work with Vania started a around year ago and the difference between where I was then and how I am now is nothing short of miraculous. Vania is highly skilled at what she does, as well as being kind, compassionate, caring and nurturing. And she gives you the tools to be able to be these things to yourself, which is something I’m sure a lot of us struggle with.

I never thought I’d feel the way I do now, about myself and my body. But here I am, accepting, proud and most importantly, living my life..something that was previously always on hold until I was this weight, or that size. I can’t thank Vania enough.

Nicola Newman

With love,