I have been working with Vania for the past eighteen months and she has been invaluable as a firm, steady, loving companion on my journey towards a more healthy relationship with food and my body.

Having spent the majority of my life fighting to remain slim, fit, perfect – it has been a huge relief to let go of the fear surrounding eating and to learn, step by step to trust my body, to be kind to myself and to open up to myself and others, Whilst I started in order to address my out of control eating – the journey has become so much more than this, really a road to healing and growth through food and a deepening of my understanding of what it means to be human.

I cannot thank or recommend Vania enough. She has a rare gift of kindness and firmness combined with a warmth and sense of humour that really encouraged me to look within myself and at my patterns of living that extend far beyond just dieting and weight loss. It’s not about the food – that’s something I found hard to imagine when I first began to work with Vania, but she was right all along…


With love,