I wish I remember how I ever found Vania, but it’s really not important. I’m just so glad I did!  She helped me work through so many thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, and frustrations about food and my body.  She helped me uncover reasons why I have struggled and how it might have began, without spending too much time focusing on the past.   Though, I will say that connecting the dots to the past was immensely helpful for my own journey.  I found so much validation in that.  And from there I was able to start observing and dismantling the thoughts and feelings that were guiding the behaviors I wanted to change.  The process took time and I don’t think it will ever be completely done. Though, the suffering has been so greatly diminished.  It shows up so much less frequently, and so much less intensely.  When we can start to observe our thoughts as thoughts, and no longer as truths, everything begins to shift.  Thank you for helping me find a peace I never knew existed, Vania!

K. Fisk

With love,