When I first found Vania online I was at a point in my recovery where I was expected by society to have achieved ‘full’ recovery from a restrictive eating disorder because of my appearance. However, I was anything but. I knew that I was far from recovered mentally, and Vania was the one who helped me achieve acceptance of my body and myself in general.

She was so kind, logical, and caring in her approach to helping me, and she made it clear that she was always there to support me outside of our sessions, something that I was really touched by and which made a huge difference. She was willing to talk about anything, making it clear that nothing was a ‘stupid’ or ‘meaningless’ thought, and she even offered her own experiences to help make me feel comfortable.

Over our time together, Vania has provided me with techniques and information that I will always be able to use. Through the use of these techniques, I am now in a much better place; I can eat more or less freely, I have a healthy relationship with food, I am more comfortable in my body and in myself as a person, I am calmer, I appreciate life more and I am happier!

My work with Vania really had changed my outlook on life, and I am eternally grateful to her for that, so thank you Vania; you’re truly very special.

Laura M

With love,