I have struggled with an eating disorder for most of my life. In my mid 40s I had read every book, installed various Apps and visited numerous websites on BED, to no avail. I came across Vania’s facebook page and website and took a ‘leap of faith’ and took up the invitation to have a discovery session.

Vania has since supported me on my journey to develop the self love and respect that my life was missing. Through practising mindfulness and meditation, I am conquering my issues with food. The Skype sessions helped me immensely; I had never before opened up to anyone about my eating disorder. Vania is non judgemental and caring in her approach and provided me with the expertise and guidance to work through various challenges.

I never thought that I could escape that vicious binge cycle that I was caught in; it was all consuming – I am so grateful that I took that initial ‘leap of faith’.


With love,