For ten years before starting my work with Vania, I would starve myself, go on every diet possible, only to then binge eat and eat everything I could in sight. Then to cry and hate myself and beat myself up. All I thought about was food, diet and how my body looked. I was so unhappy in myself and this ruined past relationships and stopped me living my life. I wouldn’t go out sometimes if I felt fat. It controlled my whole life. I ruined most of my 20’s by doing this.

I had tried different kinds of help and I always seemed to go back to binge eating or dieting.

Until about a year ago, before I turned 30. I started to work with Vania.

Vania is absolutely incredible, she made me feel so comfortable to open up to her and I never ever felt judged, she totally understood everything I said! During the process, I stopped going on diets, I stopped beating myself up, I stopped crying If I had eaten too much or not gone to the gym. Some times during the process I had a tiny set back, but Vania was always on the end of the phone and I always got back on track in no time!

I don’t have sessions with Vania anymore, and my life has totally changed! I don’t binge eat anymore, I don’t let food control me, I feel so so much happier and at peace with food and actually enjoy eating cake and chocolate now and never beat myself up. I can go out for meals and enjoy and order whatever I want and enjoy these foods! I feel free, I enjoy my life. I go out when I want too. I have learnt to love my body now and feel so much more confident in it! This has helped me with relationships and work and just being so much happier in my life in general! I truly believe the way to a happy life is to love yourself and Vania has helped me to do this. I don’t let food, diets and how I look control my life anymore and I can’t even begin to explain how amazing that feels! It’s the best feeling in the world!

I can’t thank Vania enough for all the support, kindness, understanding and for giving me the tools to live a happy life now. I could never repay her for what she has done and how my life has been turned around for the better! I would recommend anybody, who is struggling with loving themselves or with eating to work with Vania! It will be the best thing you have ever done! After all life is too short to be unhappy!


My life has totally changed

With love,