I am pleased to say that I have been binge-free for some months now and I very rarely have any thoughts where I put myself down for not doing as I “should” have.

I don’t often think about food unless I am hungry and I listen to my body’s needs about what type of meal would serve me best in that particular situation.

I regularly enjoy “joy foods” but in much smaller quantities than I did. I have the occasional over-indulging but I don’t dwell on it and put it out of mind straight away. I don’t try to head to the gym to work it off or punish myself. I explore my feelings and educate myself that what I have eaten was more than enough and perhaps the next time I can half the portion.

This has all been possible after working with Vania.

I have learned what triggers used to cause my sugar binges/ orthorexic/ anorexic mentality and what I can do to try and reduce these and most importantly start living my life normally again.

At first and for several months it was extremely difficult to get out of diet mentality but with Vania’s support I was able to let go of many things but one thing in particular that had turned my life upside down – dieting.

I have also learned about the real me and people around me and can now place boundaries around how much help I can offer to others without putting myself last.

Working with Vania has been an absolute pleasure and forever insightful. She is a fantastic individual who is humble, patient and genuinely caring who understood each problem I encountered throughout my 6 months of working in a non-judgmental way. This for me was extremely important given that I had already had a bad experience with another therapist who did not understand my problem and labelled me as “depressed” without listening to me.

I learned a tremendous amount not only about dieting but about myself, others around me and life in general and I will never forget the support, guidance and reassurance Vania gave me at a time where I felt completely stuck in my life.

What I have included in my testimonial is not an exhaustive list of what I learned during my time of working with Vania however I have listed some of the most important lessons that I learned during my work with Vania.

The experience of letting go of diet mentality was harder and took much longer for me to do but now I genuinely feel free from the prison of my own actions and thoughts and I do not think I would have been able to overcome this without Vania’s help. Thank you very much Vania…as I embark upon a new chapter in my life (married life soon), I will always remember what you have taught me xxx

Noorie Waheed

With love,