It’s extraordinary what you can learn in any one moment. Mindfulness teaches us to pay attention, moment to moment, to our current experience, without judgement.

Mindful eating is one way that we can practise this. We have several opportunities a day to do so. We don’t have to be perfect at it and we don’t have to do it ALL THE TIME! There are some incredible gifts that a mindful eating practice can bestow. Here are 11 things I love about mindful eating:

  • it fosters a kind and compassionate approach
  • it encourages a non-judgemental attitude
  • it helps to ground you in the here and now
  • it enables you to get the most pleasure out of food and eating
  • it helps you recognise how hungry you are (and if indeed you are!)
  • it helps you to recognise whether you’re enjoying the taste of what you’re eating
  • you’re more likely to recognise when you’re satisfied
  • it supports recognition of what else may be going on for you, when you want to eat, but you’re not hungry
  • it supports you to slow down – and in slowing down, you can notice so much – about what you’re thinking and feeling; and in fact, all of the points above
  • it’s gentle
  • it’s not about trying to do anything nor is it about changing anything – but somehow the change comes about without the trying and the pushing

Practising mindful eating consistently, impacts other areas of your life too: I’ve had clients notice they’re shopping more mindfully, or drinking alcohol more mindfully – watching TV more mindfully – without having that direct purpose.

There’s magic in mindful eating that is hard to describe in writing – you have to experience it! There’s something that goes beyond the head-stuff, beyond understanding, beyond articulation… I hope you’ll give it a go!

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