Since you and your body are in a life-long relationship,  what sort of Valentine will you be to it this year?

Will you give it the best quality chocolate?

Will you take time with it, tend to it and be tender towards it?

How can you do that?

With a massage, a body scan meditation, some lovely body lotion or a soak in the bath?

Perhaps bring your body some flowers, crisp clean sheets or treat it to some new well-fitting clothes that feel glorious!

Maybe you’ll take your body dancing!  Or let it have an early night.

Will you treat your body, this Valentine’s Day, the way you would wish to be treated by a beloved?

Whisper sweet nothings…

Give it gentle caresses…

Listen to it.

Have fun with it.

Tell it how much you appreciate it.

Thank it for all it keeps doing for you.

Today, will you treat your body like a precious, valued and wanted beloved?

How about tomorrow, the day after and the day after that?

Remember, your body is with you, for keeps 💕💖💞💘💝💗.

My gift to you, this Valentine’s Day, is a Loving Kindness Meditation for the Body.

Take care of yourself and your precious body.

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