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It’s my 49th birthday next week and I’m entering my 50th year! I like cycles of 7. I like multiples of 7 and I love odd numbers. With my kids and husband twittering to each other about my birthday – asking veiled questions (including ‘is it 49 or 50?’!!!) … it’s given me pause to reflect.

And really, my reflection has been on my gratitude for all I’ve been given… which very much includes my tumultuous and torturous relationship with food and my body. I spent from the age of 8 until about the age of 44 on and off diets. I don’t think there was a day from the age of 12 till around 44 that I didn’t wish I were thinner or that I could lose the weight and keep it off. I doubt there was a day I didn’t look in the mirror wishing parts of me would magically dissolve – even at my thinnest. I would be hard pressed to remember a morning I didn’t wake up vowing to myself how today would be different, or going to sleep making plans about food and exercise for the next day. It was either that or a sense of giving up. Certainly not acceptance and peace.

I’m deeply, deeply grateful that I have been liberated from all that anxiety, stress and self-loathing around food and my size. I’m comfortable in my own skin. I feel truly relaxed around food, in any situation.

But there’s more…

Can you believe I could feel deeply grateful for it all? The whole shebang?

Grateful even for the most painful moments – the most shameful moments; grateful even though this pre-occupation has dominated the majority of my 49 years.

It’s because it has led me back to myself. Back home.

It has taught me how to allow my feelings.

It has taught me how to listen to my body.

It has taught me about acceptance – not just of myself – of others; of life, being just as we are.

It has taught me how to take care of myself, in body, mind and spirit.

It has taught me about appreciation for what I have right now. Even if I’d prefer a different reality.

It could have been alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling or promiscuity that led me back to myself. It wasn’t.

Life gifted me with body and food obsession – and all that unfolded as a result of it.

How rich! How priceless!

In honour of Life’s gift to me… my gift to you

I want you too to have the gift of freedom from food and body obsession. I want you too, to feel comfortable in your own skin (whatever your size), with a sense of returning home to yourself.

So here’s my birthday offer:

Fill out this form before October 25th (my birthday) to arrange a Discovery Session with me. We will schedule the call for a time before October 31st.

If we decide we’re a good fit, and you want to work with me to resolve your eating issues just as I have done, then my offer to the first 5 people (I would have said the first 4.9 people … but let’s face it, that would be truly strange, even for me!) is £49 per session for the 18 session package, with an upfront payment. That’s £ 882, which is a 26.5% discount!

Happy Birthday to ME!

And happy FREEDOM to you!

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