Somehow we have an expectation that once we make the decision to never diet again, to drop diet mentality, make peace with food, start meditating, and take better care of ourselves – the journey will be smooth. When there’s a blip it means there’s something wrong – that you’re doing something wrong or that you’ve failed.

Expect the blips

Interestingly, the blips are a part of the journey. Perhaps it’s not an overstatement to say that the blips make the journey – that they are even necessary. The blips are there to teach us something valuable about ourselves.

The blips are an invitation to become curious.

The blips are actually where the most learning comes from.

Welcome the blips

What often happens is that when your eating goes a bit haywire you panic – right?

You worry that you’re backsliding. You fear sinking back into that hell-hole of food obsession, comparisons, self-loathing, hating your body and that you’ll never get the hang of Intuitive Eating or being free of this.

Here I go again, you tell yourself. Back to square one.

Sound familiar?

You fight against the blip rather than work with it.

But fighting it won’t do anything other than make you feel guilty, frustrated, angry and ashamed. And it’s likely to exacerbate the behaviour rather than reduce it.

Whereas accepting and welcoming the blip opens doors of possibility where you can enter into a conversation with yourself and explore what is happening.

Perhaps you can learn something from it. What might it be telling you?

So, expect the blips! They will happen. See if you can welcome them in so you can learn and grow from them.

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